Tuesday, 26 January 2010

W W W dot

Just to say that finally my new website is up and running and can be visited here  ! I've also put a link in my sidebar too. Any feedback is welcome ... it's always a little difficult to guage whether  your website is itwhat's expected, or it's easy to use to name just a number of things .Over the coming months I will be slowly adding to the site with the aim to eventually have an on-line shop, but all this is WIP as for now I am also frantically working on two exhibition pieces- the first deadline is at the end of Feb and the second at the end of April.

February, I promise will be a better blogging month, as this month has been taken up with mainly getting the site up and running and testing etc...who knew there could be so much work ?

So, for now I shall leave you, and I hope you enjoy your virtual tour around the Hook ans Scumble Galleries.