Saturday, 20 March 2010

Jersey Textile Showcase 2010

I have just realised it has been a fair few days since I have had the time to sit down at the computer and blog !
This month, I must admit I have been busy trying to organise workshops and visit galleries that maybe interested in stocking my work and submit pieces for exhibitions, which has not left much time on the blogging front. I'd just also like to say a "big thank-you" for all the recent comments left about my work, it has been really encouraging to read them all.

Well, some of you may remember me showing you this  freeform crochet scarf here not that long ago. Well this was just before it was carefully packaged up and sent to Jersey for their annual textile showcase - more details can be found on their web page here.

I entered the piece into their creative & knitting crochet category.
The brief for the open event was"All is Revealed."

The scarf was infact inspired by the Jurrasic Coastline of Dorset where many a summer holiday has been spent fossil hunting. It represents the explosion ofmarine life seen during this period where ammonites were plentiful. Today, after the storm "all is revealed" as the shore line is eroded and marine life of this period can be collected as fossils. Hyperbolic and freeform crochet techniques were used to depict the ammonites and coral found in abundance during this pre-historic era.

All pieces entered were shown during the week long exhibition and today I recieved this in the post ....

I must admit I was quite suprised I'd won, as from having seen the work of the winners from the previous years , they were all of a very high standard.
Never-the-less, It didn't take me long to decide what to spend my winnings on...but more of that in another post ....lets just say it was most definately fibre related !!