Friday, 25 June 2010

Goal !

Well, you could be mistaken for thinking that I am referring to "that goal," but on this occasion I'm referring to another type of goal. You may remember back here, at the beginning of 2010, that I set myself a small goal of spinning and dyeing my own yarn.

Well, I am very pleased to share with you ( albeit slightly later than anticipated) that last month I arrived at a Natural Dyeing Workshop with my very own handspun yarn .

The workshop was fantastic, and was lead by the very experienced natural dyer, Jenny Dean, who has written several books on the subject  two of which I have on my bookshelf and can be found here and here, and there is of course her blog.

So, a few photographs to show you...

and finally some photos of my very own handspun, hand dyed yarn..

..a goal I am proud to have achieved !