Thursday, 15 July 2010

All the Fun of the Fayre

I love Village Fayres, and here in our little county we have many villages and consequently in June and July could spend most weekends at one Village Fayre or another.

I particularly love the chance to enter a cake, preserve or a few veg ...just to see whether, one year I might get placed...not that I'm the competitive sort mind you, but just to see whether my Home Economics and Gardening skills are improving.

So, with this in mind, and having been in -undated with Strawberries from a productive PYO visit mid-week ( 25lbs to be exact !!!)  I decided to enter one of the local village shows .

Slight disaster on the Victoria Sponge didn't even make it to the competition tent as with the heat the jam melted and the sponge slid everywhere ! However, I was glad to say the jam and textile collage made it one piece .

So, how did I do ?

First Prize for my Textile Collage...

::Freeform crochet & nuno felt with beaded embroidery::

..... and Second for the Jam..

 - just need to work on filling my jar a bit better apparently - but  a good flavour ...which I think for most, is the thing that matters ...and you never know I might have the confidence to enter a jar ( I have quite a few with the amount of strawberries picked !) here later on this year.