Friday, 23 July 2010

Art in Action

Hello, I know my blogging has been rather lacking of late.  Things have been extremely busy so I hope you will forgive me and be content with me popping in every so often to let you know what's happening in the world of Hook & Scumble.  So, as I have managed to find a quiet moment to sit and reflect and I thought I would share with you what I have been up to lately.  Last week, along with some fellow artists, I spent the day being totally and utterly inspired by some very talented people at Art in Action.

The event is well know in the world of Art & Craft, and allows visitors to see both Art and Craft demonstrated, buy work direct form the Artists as well as having the opportunity to take part yourself in practical workshops.

There were so many tents , each exhibiting a particular art/ craft such as ceramics, sculpture, jewellery & metal work, glass...the list goes on....

Being a textile artist I was naturally drawn to the Textile Tent, where I had the chance admire the gorgeous woven textiles of  Margo Selby of MasterCrafts fame, as well as hear her talk about her work. This piece was exhibited in the marquee "Best of the Best," where each exhibiting artist displays what they consider to their best piece - the colours were far more vibrant than my photograph portrays, and ,although not a weaver myself, I do have some appreciation of the technical expertise needed to produce such a piece, and I was completely in awe.

I was, however very excited to find that I could  purchase my own small pack of her woven textiles just perfect for applique and embellishing...and 101 other ideas I have for their use.

Jill Flower's textile pieces incorporating magazines,fabric and machine embroidery techniques were fascinating , and I was very much inspired  to start exploring incorporating other mediums into my own work.

Of course I couldn't resist having a go at something myself, something that I wouldn't normally have the opportunity to do, and something so completely in contrast to my own work .... I chose to try etched printmaking and designed a plate inspired by my Barcelona Trip earlier in the year.

If you have the opportunity, I would really recommend a visit - truly inspirational and truly Art in Action.