Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Seasons, Stiffkey & Scandinavian Inspiration

Hello, I hope you are well !
Here in our little part of Bedfordshire the weather in the morning has turned a little chilly and the last of the Victoria Plums were picked today on our seems that autumn is started to make an appearance. However, I'm not quite ready for the season change, despite the plentiful bounty from the hedgerow it brings and my thoughts and memories are still very much in our little holiday in Norfolk - which to be honest was really not that long ago. Every time we visit Norfolk we seem to find yet another little piece of it we have not discovered.
This year, our visit to Wells required a gentle journey along the coast that requires us to pass through the tiny village of Stiffkey. 
We have made this journey a few times, but have never had the time needed to make a stop. 
This year was different , and we pulled into here...
.....The Local Village Store.

Now, this is not your ordinary village store, yes there are provisions, a post office and even jars of sweets, but the owners have taken in one step further and stock fine seasonal fresh produce, home wear as well as serving gorgeous home made cakes and tea and coffee.

So, time was taken to eat cake,drink tea and peruse one of the books stocked ...

...take a look at the contents of here, I really loved the simple clean cut designs, and the embroidery was exquisite, and the mini Hook & Scumblers already have their eye on a pair of embroidered mittens and booties for their cousin . I on the other hand have been thinking of cosy Scandinavian inspired seasonal decorations, just right to get started by the fire on a chilly autumn evening  ..needless to say I left Stiffkey Stores  with a new purchase !