Wednesday, 24 November 2010

"Felt Better"

Having recently been under the weather with the usual winter coughs and colds, I decided that a day with Sue Pearl from "Felt Better," could well be just the medicine I needed to get me back up to speed,  especially as this particular workshop would result in me leaving with my very own pair of warm and snuggly felted wool slippers.

The day started with thinking about our design and colour of our slippers, and being a fairly novice feltmaker I decided on something relatively simple - pink merino uppers with some spun silk embellishment with mauve merino soles.

First post of call was cutting out templates and then making the resist 

The weighing and laying out required the most thought and concentration, thankfully Sue was on hand to help, and then the  felting began - lots of elbow grease at this stage

The slippers are made inside out, so once felted needed to be cut open to reveal all.
Sue did the honours...

I just hoped I remembered which was my sole and which was my upper...otherwise I'd have an odd pair of slippers


Ta..dah !! 
A matching pair- phew.

After adding a few finishing touches at home so they would be safe to wear.
I can honestly say they are the warmest and snuggliest slippers I have ever had -  the perfect prescription  !