Thursday, 21 April 2011

Royal Wedding Preparations

I'm not a great knitter.
I can confess that when I knit my tension is all over the place , I find it difficult to concentrate on a pattern, let alone the complexity of having more than one stitch , as well as the fact you require two needles...really I've never had the desire to practice this skill and try and improve, as when I have tried it's just turned out to be a complete disaster. All in all crochet is my one true love.

However, when I recently saw this book publicised in the press a few weeks back, I had a small pang of yearning for my very own knitted Royal Wedding.

For about a week I contemplated whether in fact I could perhaps get it together and have a go. Whether my very basic skills would be enough to produce the mini Hook and Scumblers their own unique knitted heirloom .
So I took the plunge and bought the book and having studied it carefully have in fact decided that the only way I was to acquire this knitted heirloom was to get someone else to knit it for me !

So, thankfully I have a friend who has taken up the challenge to do just that.

Meanwhile I am busy with embroidering and sewing bunting....

as well as crocheting a few red , white and blue decorations.
I'm just hoping I'll have it all  done in time !